MSC Announcement-Port Congestion Surcharge for Pod: Douala

具体费率USD 165/TEU - wef 22nd February 2021

PCCFW Service / CY Acceptance in Week 05 of 2021

MSC, 5th Update-PCCFW Service CY Acceptance in Week 05 of 2021.pdf

MSC宣布- 对从香港,台湾以及华南地区出口至南非,东非,莫桑比克的货物,将征收GRI

MSC Announcement -GRI Implementation for Shipment to South Africa, East Africa,Mozambique Ports WEF 01st July 2020

MSC 宣布 - 对从香港,华南地区以及台湾出口至利比里亚(蒙罗维亚)的货物, 将征收PAD

MSC Announcement - PAD Implementation for Shipment to Liberia WEF 01st March 2020

MSC, 香港文件费调整

香港出口货物的提单文件费率 ,由2019年6月24日开始生效